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1.Job Title: Computer graphics

Requirements: Full-time

Education: technical school and above

Location: Dongguan Tangxia

Age: 20-30

Job Description: 1.Rhino, 3DMax, Coredraw, Photoshop proficiency ( 3D drawing ability ).

2 on the one hand, must have the ability to express oneself, one also needs to accept advice.

3 if convenient, please provide the relevant works, thank you.



2.Job Title: Designer

Requirements: Full-time

Gender: female

Degree: bachelor degree and above

Work: Dongguan Tangxia

Work Experience: for more than 2 years

Age requirements: 25-35

Job Description:

1, bachelor degree or above, major in art design or computer, CorelDRAW Photoshop 3DMAX RHINOCEROS software, familiar with computer operation;

2, the trends of fashion, modern art has sensitive observation,

3, graduates can, have a passion for creation, innovation and change, for new things and new opinion can accept.

Many designers working, can more exchanges, learn from each other, the company 's designers free play platform, welcome to join!!


3.Job Title: Merchandiser

Nature of work: full-time

Degree: junior college and above

Work: Dongguan Tangxia

Language: Chinese, English

Work Experience: for more than 1 years

Job Description:

1, female, undergraduate, English level above the level of 4, with foreign guests in conversation, have expressed strong writing skills

2, proficiency in office software ( five pen input clock of about 60 words per minute )

3, can the independent processing all kinds of business of international trade, there is more than one year related experience

4, work conscientiously, meticulous, hard-working spirit


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